Sunshine Vacations - This is a scam - lost 5000 so far.

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I have paid in full for 24 weeks, and have not been able to use a single week. They told me that it was transferable and I can sell this package anytime. When I called last time and wanted to cancel, they said the service is due and they have no process for you to sell this package.

They have an office, but when you call, no one picks up.

As someone mentioned they always wants husband and wife together and wants to sell this dream vacation.

They offer gifts and free vacation for the first time, if you ate smart you could get a similar price for the same vacation, may be it will cost you little extra, but you would not be stuck with a white elephant like this one.

I have been taken for a ride. Please stay away from these people.


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Sunshine Vacations

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Not a total scam but very shady...lots of money to stay in old, tired, worn out time shares.With all of the extra add on fees you could get a comparable deal through a reputable travel agent and stay in top of the line accomodations.

High pressure sales pitch to make you think you are getting a great deal....they finally told us for $6000 down we could become a member of this network PLUS a yearly membership fee PLUS booking fees PLUS room upgrades for a family of 5. Still we took the bait only to access the website to find substandard hotels. We called the Ohio Attorney General's Office and pitched a fit to Sunshine....they reluctantly refunded our money.

Never again will we enter any mall Sweepstakes!!Run, don't walk, away from Sunshine Vacations in Dublin, Ohio!

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Sundance Vacations aka Sunshine Vacations

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Sunshine Vacations is just another disguise for Sundance Vacations. (See

Since Sundance Vacations has such a bad reputation, they are using other names such as Sunshine Vacations. But don't be fooled by this subterfuge.

Also see:

If you entered the Sundance/Sunshine Vacations sweepstakes with the hopes of winning the grand prize but NOT with the express intent of inviting relentless telemarketing calls bordering on harassment, and you have been the recipient of uninvited or unwelcome telephone calls and are registered on the federal or state Do Not Call lists, you should call the FTC at its toll-free hotline at: 1-888-382-1222

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Sunshine Vacations/TAN is

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Last summer, I received a phone call from Sunshine Travel informing me I had won a free on-line shopping spree and a gas card from my entry into a car giveaway. I just needed to attend a sales presentation at their Dublin, OH office.

I attended and was ushered into a room with a sales rep who went into an hour long pitch about their program. After commenting that it was too expensive, the rep brought her boss into the room to "see what he can do". Typical sales pressure.

Magically, the price and interest rates dropped dramatically. By this time, approximately an hour and a half into a "hour" presentation, the package seemed more attractive and reasonably priced.

Sunshine/TAN boasted about units all over the United States, even Hawaii in addition to the Caribbean and Mexico. Wow. Not bad. If only I had taken my calculator to add up all the "extras".

In addition to the base price,which alone was reasonable (averaging about $327 per week), you also pay a yearly "service charge" of $329, whether or not you book a vacation that year. Then of course there is a $99 booking fee. And don't forget, the base price is only for 1 bedroom or studio units in the OFF season, which is very limited. So, if you want to go in "Prime Season" which is about 9-10 months of the year at most places, you must add another $210 for prime rates. Should you want to take some friends or family and need a second bedroom, don't forget to add another $210 for the extra room.

As you can see, the once reasonable rate now becomes quite costly. Yet, if the units offered were all up to par, it still wouldn't be so bad, but definitely not a bargin. From the pictures on line, some units look quite shabby and unfortunately, with many units you must bring your own bed linens, paper products, towels etc. Now, it's a downright sham.

Oh and "all over the United States" includes only about 20 states and in some of those, there may only be one unit in the whole state. And, don't plan on taking Rover, none of their properties accept our 4 legged family members.

I did get my $15 gas card and my $250 shopping spree on line, which was laughable. Most items were very old and overpriced. I ended up getting books and videos and donating them to a local nursing home. Plus, they even threw in a "buy one get one free" airline ticket offer. I was happy with this as I already had a trip to Hawaii planned and it would save $600 or so in airfare. After about 6 calls over 4 months to Spirit Incentives (a Sunshine/TAN partner who was offering the airline incentive), I was told I couldn't use the coupon because the available flights didn't meet their conditions. I would have to wait to see if the flights changed enough to meet their requirments, which in my estimation, would NEVER happen. In the meantime, the cost of the flights on-line increased by about $200 so I got hosed again.

Yes, this is my fault for not reading everything thoroughly enough and for not taking my brain and my calculator with me. I'm stuck. And, from everything I've read since, this company is unknown and who knows if it will be around for me to use my 33 weeks of vacation.

My goal here is to give warning to others...beware. It's not really a deal. Save yourself the time and trouble, book through an agent or do it yourself on line using AAA. You will do better for yourself and have much less hassle.

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Thankfully I do my research on companies or the people who work for them.I know of a woman (if you want to call her that.) She works for the Sunshine Vacations office in Columbus (Dublin) Ohio.

She has no ethical compass and I wanted to see if what she tries to sell others is legit. Wow, you learn something new everyday. I figured this out just by looking at the BBB. But coming to these scam sites have enlightened me.

Speaking from personal experience with the employees you are at high risk of being hustled. Both this woman and her partner are lying scandalous *** artists. (One took me personally for $25,000) I feel sorry for anyone who got hustled by this scam. Shame on those who work there and know that they are doing this to hard working people.

Karma is a...well you know.


great. i just signed the freakin contract?!


I have heard enough on here to go ahead and file a complaint with the attorney general in ohio. Maybe we can get a class action suit started. They're ***.


This is a scam if I've ever seen one!

PLEASE PLEASE don't fall for this.Worst financial mistake I've ever made, I can't believe I fell for it.

I'm usually a smart consumer....How embarrassing. Please don't go to this and please don't listen to one word of their speeches. I spent over $1,000 and got NOTHING in return.

Everything you try to use from the package you get costs you more and more money.These people must be rich, and all on my *** dime.



this is not a scam ya you will have to pay taxes and the port fees it will cost u in the end about 400 dollars for both of u to go u cant get a trip that cheap anymore it is great is not a scam and make them work with u they will throw in the airfare for free it is a beautiful trip and totally worth it. if u think that u cant take a hour out of your day to go listen to there speech that you dont have to purchase its your loss.


Despite saying "No I'm not interested" - they were relentless until I made an appointment for the evening. Evening came and my wife and I decided to blow it off. The next day they were relentless again until I made another appointment and once again I blew it off. When they called for the third time, from the tone of my voice, they knew I wasn't interested.

I then googled the company - WOW! - thank god for the internet and posts.

I go on vacation at least twice a year - for a one week stay, I plan $150 per night or $1,050 per week. For $150 per night you can get absolutely nice accomodation in most cities. No annual fees, no upfront $12,000.

They rely on high pressure sales and pinning the husband/wife against each other to make a sale.

Avoid at all cost - unless you have the time and focus on the prize - hear blah blah blah - take the prize and run :)


My husband and I attended the presentation last night and I agree 100% with everything you have just said.I did the math and it really isn't a good deal.

Unless can travel several times a year (providing they have locations where you really want to go) - you may never use up all your investment plus have to keep paying the yearly fee unless drop out and then lose what you have paid. It isn't until you are about ready to pay that they share the list of "peak season" times by state. Give me a break - for some states (Texas as an example) only Nov & Dec are NOT peak (and of course holiday weeks are peak). So count on adding the $210 for peak rates.

Afterwards, I got on-line to look at the properties. In Arizona, there is only 1 property. In Massachusetts (or Maine)) - only 1 or 2 qualify as a "resort" - the rest look like OLD worn out single family summer cottages (according to the on-line pictures).

As for the cruise - we will not try to take it as I don't want to be at their mercy for flight and then find can't get to Port Canaveral on time (and will cost at least $100 RT to get there) and end up having to stay at a hotel the night before and/or after. If you register your certificate and then read the fine print - you have absolutely no choice of flights, layovers etc.

And they even mention may need to come in a day early, may be on a red-eye etc etc.Oh - and they are honest that they are the bottom end of the cabins (of course can upgrade).


Has anyone actually taken the cruise?

Levenshulme, England, United Kingdom #67072

my husband and I went and listened to their speil last night.We knew it would be a scam, but we didn't think it would be that bad.

We went to listen to what they had to offer.

After an hour and forty-five min we were being taken to the "no" room, where we just walked out before they gave us the cruise we had won.It was a big waste of time.


I received a call from them 2 weeks ago on my home number and they left a message with my daughter about winning a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas.Today I get the same call on my cell number.

I asked them how did they get it? The lady said from an entry at Tuttle Mall for a "Smart Car". I told her I wanted the "smart car" that's why I entered the contest. She said I was lucky to get the free cruise "plus" if I accepted the offer to come in their office this week I will get 2 free airline tkts.

She kept going on about just come to the office and sit for a 1 hour presentation, no catch.:x I told her I know how these things work, plus, if I want to travel I am a Travel Agent and I can get good deals with my job. She was rude and I am not ***. :grin

Remember there is nothing FREE.

Don't fall for this people!Be smarter than them.


My husband and I went this week to listen to the presentation but thankfully didn't sign up for the program.We received the certificate for the free 3 night cruise and airfare for 2.

Has anyone ever used the free trip or is it just a scam also?We have to send them $100 towards the taxes and I don't want to do that if no trip is going to happen.


I have an appointment for tomorrow with them and needless to say I'm not going now!I entered my name in an drawing for a dollhouse at the Ohio State Fair and they just called me today to pick up my 2 person, all expenses paid, 3 days , 2 nights vacation and I was going to go until I read this and a couple of other websites about sunshine vacations.

Thank s so much everyone for your stories!I'm definitely NOT GOING now that I have read these horror stories about this place!


The key to this is that they offer free stuff but you have to listen to their speal.Yeah it sucks but I have gone to many of them in Flordia to get free stuff like tickets to Disney World and things like that.

I went to one in Tenn and had to listen for 3 hours. But in the end they handed me $100 and a gift certificate to go eat somewhere! Whatever you just have to be very bold with them and let them know you do not want anything!

I know easier said than done but that is why I have a hubby!I am suspose to go tomarrow to this thing but hey at least I will get a free cruise!


Thank God for Google!I thought this was too good to be true!

I should have known that it was a scam when I they called my work asking for someone else who had won, and when I sounded interested in what they were offering, they offered me a 4 day 3 night trip to the Bahama's too, including airfare if I came in to claim my "prize" within the next 2 days. And if I agreed to go in the following day at 4pm, they were going to throw in a gift card for Red Lobster.

I told the lady on the phone that nothing in this world is free, but I still had hopes that this wasn't a scam.I am so glad that I looked this company up before I made the 1 1/2 hour trip to Dublin tomorrow!


thank you so much for this information. I acctually recieved the phone call today and made an appointment for tommorow, i will not attent based on the above information.

Fishers, Indiana, United States #26959

Thanks for the information.

I also received a call from them --

with attractive free hotel and gas card. But now I decide to ignore

this scam.

Kochi-Shi, Kochi, Japan #26333

Thanx so much because I just checked my voicemail and got a message from an "anthony" with sundan....sunshine vacations lol.

I entered a drawing @ polaris mall for a nice looking car and now i got chosen to get a free 3day 2 night hotel stay at a marriott and a 300$gas card I have read so many bad reviews and thanks god for google.I just knew there was some kind of catch.

Novy Jicin, Moravskoslezsky Kraj, Czech Republic #24485

Thank you for your information regarding Sunshine Vacations.My husband and I were scheduled to attend this "one hour" meeting tonight.

Needless to say, we're definitely doing something else tonight.Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Valenzuela, Rizal, Philippines #23497

Hi I recently attended one of this company's meetings as you mentioned above and was led into buying a vacation "deal" which after running the numbers on paper realized I can't afford. Does anyone know how I can get out of the contract before I start getting charged in a few days???

Freedom, Pennsylvania, United States #22002

I agree 100% with the previous review. I wish we would have researched before signing on the dotted line. We are planning to get out, and consider it an expensive lesson learned.

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